About me

Hi, my name is Pirooz, and I am an undergraduate student studying computer science and cognitive science at the University of Toronto.

As this is just the start of my career, I am very eager to learn as much as possible in computer science. Over the last two years, I have gained many Python, Java, and C skills ranging from sorting algorithms, software design, design patterns, and object-oriented programming, and I am eager to learn more. Although I will be taking a break from school for the following two terms, I am still looking around for skills to gain in online courses and videos. I am also quite devoted to my education in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, and I have enjoyed completing the courses.

Furthermore, I am constantly seeking opportunities to improve and display my programming and software development skills. I have worked on a few projects at three different companies in the past few months, including a website made using React that supports teachers in their mental well-being and teaching their students and a cross-platform app made in React Native used to control a device. In the upcoming fall term, I will be working for Nuance Communications as a Front-End Development intern. I am also open to employment for the next summer or fall term, so feel free to contact me via email, and I will try to respond as soon as possible!

Outside of programming, I spend most of my free time weightlifting, meditating, reading manga, and playing with my adorable kittens (Check out my Instagram!).


The Teacher App Canada

The Teacher App

  • Researched what tools and libraries to use for the website including the front-end, back-end, and database
  • Utilized the React library, SASS, and Firebase to set up the styling and functionality of the website
  • Integrated the UI/UX designer’s website design when creating the designing and styling of the website
Xponent Technologies

Xponent Technologies

  • Developed a cross-platform app from scratch using Expo and the JavaScript library React Native for design and functionality and the Native-Base library for components
  • Cooperated with a team of programmers and UI/UX designers to work on the design and functionality of app pages, following their design with 93% accuracy
  • Utilized Firebase to allow for authentication of new users and returning users
Kidney Health Education and Research Group

Kidney Health Education and Research Group

  • Helped develop back‑end scripts using the Python libraries Pandas and Requests for organ research
  • Displayed critical thinking skills by figuring out solutions for end goals and implementing these solutions in projects
  • Coordinated using SQL databases with the team to collect patient data with 98% accuracy


Canada COVID-19 Timeline

Canadian COVID-19 Timeline

  • Developed a website using HTML, CSS, SASS and Javascript to showcase a timeline of the COVID‑19 pandemic in Canada.
  • Implemented and connected a COVID‑19 API with Chart.js to graph and showcase COVID‑19 cases in Canada with 95% accuracy. Utilized the Google News API to make the graph interactive so that users can view news related to the pandemic of specific dates.
  • Submitted to EngHack 2021


  • Open sourced discord bot with a variety of features including a reminder feature and animated emotes
  • Developed using the Discord.py API and ran on a Google Cloud virtual machine
  • More features planned: COVID-19 tracker, chess, and user time zones
Knight Hax-Relax

Knight Hax-Relax

  • Developed a meditating website to help users unwind and forget about their issues for a moment
  • Helped write the CSS and JavaScript for the website and implemented the multiple themes of the website
  • Submitted to KnightHacks 2021

Discord Connect 4 Bot

  • Developed a Discord bot using Python and the Discord.py API to allow users to play connect 4 against friends or an AI
  • Implemented a mini-max algorithm to efficiently and effectively search for the most optimal move for the situation
  • Submitted to RUHacks 2021


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